Hand Actuated Lockable


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HAL (Hand Actuated Lockable) is a new removable seat fixture especially suited to the community transport market.

With the use of the easy grip shaped handle, the HAL is easily released from the Rail tracking using only the single-release hand trigger, allowing the user trouble free single hand operation.

The Lockable has a rattle free design and with the aid of the integrated wheel, self locating the lockable into the rail is simple and effective for the reassurance and comfort of passengers and drivers. (please note this wheel is only for use inside the vehicle)

For extra security an anti-tamper mechanism can be used to further secure the seat within the vehicle.

Transport Wheels are available as an accessory to allow you to easily move seats outside the vehicles

HAL Features

  • Grip shaped handle

  • Single hand operation

  • Rattle Free Design

  • Integrated guide wheel

  • Anti Tamper mechanism

  • Transport Wheel Option

  • 3 Year Warranty


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