Removeable Seat Fixture

In stock Kevrek

Lightweight yet very strong, the Unwin Removable Seat Fixture is very secure and easy to operate.

The seat fixture consists of 5 flexible plated feet at the rear and 3 at the front for safety. The feet have been designed to locate directly into the rail and fall into position and the plunger mechanism enables the seat to be quickly locked into place.

The anti-rattle device secures to the underside of the rail to assist in fixing the seat. The standard seat fixture is fitted with 3 fixing screws for added security

Transport Wheels are available as an accessory to allow the easy movement of seats outside the vehicle.

Seat Fixture Features

  • Lightweight design

  • 5 Flexible plated feet at the rear and 3 and the front

  • Plunger mechanisim

  • Anti rattle device

  • Fitted with 3 Fixing screws

  • Transport Wheels Option


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