The Kevrek 1500 is currently the largest crane that Kevrek manufacture. Suited to large vehicles due to its 1250kg lifting capacity, the K1500 is so versatile that it can be mounted in a variety of positions and applications and has the widest range of specialized attachment options available. The Kevrek 1500 can be mounted to a utility provided it passes a stability test.

The K1500 has been specially designed to take advantage of the K1000 size, however, the main post has been strengthened and the bearings and plate gear have been updated to heavy duty materials to increase the lifting capacity on this crane to 1250kg.

The K1000 crane complete with stabiliser leg, power pack & mount frames weighs approx 190kgs, the fitting space of the 1000 crane is 650mm


Standard Features:

  • 1250kg Lifting Capacity at 1.2m
  • 4 Metre Full Extension (Hydraulic to 3m and Manual Pin Boom to 4m)
  • 375kg Lifting capacity at  4m
  • Emergency Stop
  • Operator Safety Zone
  • Hose Burst Protection
  • Load Indicator
  • Hand Control valve guard
  • Load Limiter
  • Stabiliser Leg Sensors


  • Hydraulic stabiliser leg
  • Manual swing up stabiliser leg
  • 4,5 or 6 function pendant Control
  • Radio remote control
  • Overload Protection System c/w Indicator lights
  • 500kg Hydraulic Winch