The W-Series Winch is specifically designed to assist a carer with the safe loading and unloading of a wheelchair-using passenger into a suitably modified vehicle. It’s compact design and powered reeling system ensures a simple yet highly effective solution to access requirements.

 This compact low profile model uses a powered reel in and reel out method and is supplied with a 3.5m belt or 5m Belt.

 The Ricon Winch features include:

  •  Long life tested to over 10,000 cycles under full load
  • Small installation footprint 186 x 236 x 134 (H)
  • Safe working load 225 Kg
  • If the wheelchair is overloaded the winch will emit an audible warning and the device will stop. The winch is also fitted with a current limit cut out which will automatically reset.
  • 4-point fixing
  • Universal MCF connection
  • Quick release options for wheelchair connectivity
  • Anti-rollback (dynamic braking)
  • Fail safe ‘Dead Man’s Handle’ control circuitry
  • Current overload protection and mechanical stop
  • Optional emergency stop with isolator switch and remote wander lead socket

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