Over the past few months, we have been seeing the importance and necessity of providing Australians with high quality Australian manufactured products.

Kevrek (Australia) Pty Ltd has been working with Australian businesses and local Government to supply hydraulic cranes to various industries since 1989. Our family-owned and operated company is a member of the Australian Made campaign and proudly displays the Australian Made logo on all Kevrek Cranes.

There are numerous benefits to purchasing a Kevrek Crane.

Kevrek (Australia) Pty Ltd is the only manufacturer of light hydraulic cranes throughout Australia.  Kevrek Crane spare parts are held in stock reducing the impact of downtime for our customers anywhere in Australia. Many of our customers require large quantities or specialised custom builds which are manufactured to suit the application.

Kevrek (Australia) Pty Ltd employs over 20 staff to assist in the production of the Kevrek Crane. Our company has invested in robotic automation technology including 2 fully operational units to assist with the quality of our Australian Made product. As well as a specialised fit-up team that fits cranes to a wide range of vehicles and other applications.

Look no further than Kevrek for your next vehicle-mounted crane purchase.